Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~ Happy New Year ~

I used tiny matchboxes to make these New Year's Fortunes for our holiday party. I was a little nervous about how they'd go over, but they were a hit! Tonight, like many, I'm thinking about what my resolutions should be. More time for crafting would be nice to carve out for myself! Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~ Happy Holidays ~

I wanted to make this 'holiday journal' of sorts for a friend for the holidays.
Slightly derailed by a stomach virus...

...but still happy to give something I made myself to someone who would value it.

I used clippings from an old magazine...

...that still ring true to me today.

Determined to make a crafting resolution for 2009.

Have a wonderful holiday...

...with family and friends...

... wherever you are!
Thank you for reading this year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sometimes a conversation I've had with a friend will stick with me, as this one has from Thursday/and a little bit of Friday. As a counselor, I am so honored to be the recipient of people's thoughts and feelings, sometimes feelings they have never shared before with another person. Occasionally, I can't help but be part friend, part counselor. These conversations are gifts to me. I was thinking about one such friend, and was inspired to make this today. Being short on time at this time of year, it was a treasure in many ways to myself, as well as (hopefully) my friend. Here's the poem on the back, from a vintage prayer card ~ Something we might all remember:

He Maketh No Mistake

My Father's way may twist and turn,

My heart may throb and ache,

But in my soul I'm glad I know,

He maketh no mistake.

My cherished plans may go astray,

My hopes may fade away,

But still I'll trust my Lord to lead

For He doth know the way.

Tho' night be dark and it may seem

That day will never break;

I'll pin my faith, my all in Him,

He maketh no mistake.

There's so much now I cannot see,

My eyesight's far too dim;

But come what may, I'll simply trust

And leave it all to Him.

For by and by the mist will lift

And plain it all He'll make.

Through all the way, tho' dark to me,

He made not one mistake.

-A.M. Overton

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The One Where She Blogs About a Cause

Well, you know I don't usually add Youtube videos to my blog, but I couldn't resist this one. Inspiring women and causes is one way I find joy for my journey. After browsing through my latest issue of World Pulse, I stopped by these rockin' mamas at Mothers Acting Up. One thing I like about them: joyful, not militant. They know they can, I mean we can, and will make a difference. This led me to find Girl Effect.

Don't feel you have to glom on to my causes, sisters.

Go find one you love, and bring out the joy.