Sunday, August 22, 2010

While frantically absorbing all the yumminess of Tinsel Trading Company, I noticed that they had jazzed up one of my absolute favorite vintage quilted handkerchief boxes. I decided I had to try it myself. I liked the result! It's fast and easy and looks so sweet. What a great gift box!
I told you already that this was the summer of the vintage wedding photo....boy, did I get a lot of great ones! The other day, after I found a great stash of tissue garland, I knew that these two would be paired up in the future!

Monday is Back-To-Work Day (sigh). I'm going to try my best to keep up the craftiness.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

(Almost) Live! From Tinsel Trading Company!

Well, girls. If you're like me, places like the famous Tinsel Trading Company in New York City make you want to swoon. Thank goodness I have a hubby who will pull the car over in the middle of rush hour traffic so that I can just "dash in".
A feast of crafty eye candy!
What's a girl to do?

Poke around and buy a few goodies.
Get some inspiration for the long autumn ahead.

I left with some of these...

Of course, there is much to behold in the Big Apple.

Who wouldn't love to try this on for size?

This beautiful display was at the check in table for lunch at the
Museum of Modern Art.

I found this scetch to be inspiring.
Something about the use of tape I really like...

(sigh) More tomorrow about my awesome vintage wedding picture discovery...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The clock is ticking on the final days of summer for me.
They find me crafting like a maniac.
I had some things to sent to my mother-in-law, so I made this cute
little container from a craft store lunchbox. So very "back to school"!

Enclosed will be some Joy for the Journey deliciousness, of course!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lucky Number '3'...Plus a Kooky Coincidence

Look what I spotted in the current issues of Where Women Create. That's right....a big ol' copy of the give-away book, Charmed Bracelets! How crazy is that!? Well, obviously, it's impossible to choose between 3 lonely souls. Three?!? Seriously, people. Is that are there are of you out there? Well, regardless. That deserves something in my book.

So...after a rousing episode of Eeny-Meeny, Alison is awarded the Charmed Bracelets, and Cathie and Luv2Shop will get a 'runner up' prize! Send me your address this week girls, and I'll get it right out to you!

I know you think I haven't been crafting, but I have. I am very particular about my work planner. It has to be just right. Trust me on this one. So the new one gets a pretty new decoration. Let's hope it can survive life in my bag...