Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over...

Two wonderful honors bestowed upon me! Earlier this month, my application for the Daughters of the American Revolution was approved. I get my national number in October! A friend of mine encouraged me to do it, and I am sure glad she did. I feel like it is a small way that I can honor the sacrifices and courage of my ancestors.

And then this little beauty came along!

Many thanks to LindaJo. Linda pointed out that I have been a little quiet this summer, which is true. She has made me remember how important my bloglife is to me, and what powerful friendships there are out there in blogland! Linda Jo's blog is a must-stop-by, and I am so grateful that she tossed me this joy for my journey!
So here are some other places you must visit - there are so many, it is impossible to choose. Like trying to decide which of your children you like best! But here goes. I will try and point out some new friends that I haven't mentioned before ~

Vintage Flair ~ this woman knocks my socks off, and she does it with kids and a job!
Anahata Katkin ~ words can't describe. Just stop by and you'll see what I mean!
A Cottage Industry ~ the queen of making lemons from lemonade, this lady never stops! There's always something fun goin' on at her place.
Paper Crown Queen ~ the name says it all! Craftiness + history= wow!
Vintage Lilly - she's cute with a capital 'c'!
And of course let's not forget Miss Mendy Texas. You'll feel like you've been hanging out with her at her house each and every time you stop by.
Of course, those are just a few of the lovely ladies that bring inspiration to my day. Here's to you!


mendytexas said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words. I am inspired by your fabulous blog!
Hugs, Mendy

Linda said...

Love your friends' blogs!!!

Vintage Flair said...

You are too kind and thanks so mcuh for giving me this award. Sometimes I wonder to myself how I find time to enjoy my passions.

Thanks again. Lori

The other blogs are my favorites as well.



Thank you so much for your award!
I am so glad you like my Paper Crown Queen Blog.
It is my pleasure to offer information on Marie Antoinette, queens, empresses, medieval times...
September will be all about Marie Antoinette, come to read more posts...And as a hint...some are about her family members...

*And I will be having a Giveaway in September

Stay tuned!

~ Gabriela ~

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah. oh my...what a terrible blogger pal I am. I just was scrolling down through your post and realized I never replied to this! Thanks so much with a capital "T"! ha I've been a bad bad blogger reader the past couple of months. Thanks so much for the sweetness!
Vintage Lily