Sunday, September 7, 2008

~ Sunday ~

A friend of mine request a paperweight with a vintage beach theme. Paperweights can be tricky because the space is soooo small (for me, anyway). I am not entirely happy with how it turned out, but it does make me smile!
I made this image to put on a tag for a friend of mine; it was attached to her "Back to School' gift. We teachers have to work hard to keep morale high, and Mrs. Batman (real name) does just that for me!
I got the idea for this simple card - made from a tag -from Somerset. I tried it, and it really worked great, plus it was an excuse to buy a bone folder! You can't really tell, but I glued down half of the butterfly, and folded him so that his wing stands up like he's flying. I am not the queen of rubber stamping - I always think it's so much harder than it looks! I saw that it was "Be Kind to Writers Month", and as Juli is an aspiring writer, I thought it deserved to be recognized! (Hence the butterfly made of words!
Speaking of things to try, have you ever been here? This catalogue of blogs is a great place to poke around when you're feeling a little bored, or wanting to spice things up a bit on your blog 'travel log'!
Have a great week!

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Linda said...

I think the paperweight is perfect.