Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ahh, another weekend. Made sweeter by knowing that before we can blink an eye, summer will be here. Next weekend, the pool will open, and it will seem like an eternal summer lies ahead. I am determined not to squander it. Lots of goals I plan to accomplish, including lots of crafting, of course. Saturday I got to sneak out to the antique mall. (yeah!) Found these great charms. The wedding bell actually moves! They are larger than the rest of my charms, but I could not resist.
Went to the gardening store; pure heaven for the hubby. While I can appreciate plants; he can actually see in his mind's eye what to do with them. What a gift! Though our yard is not the best for roses, I couldn't leave without two of these dreaming pale pink Heritage rose bushes. Here's hoping they can survive! So beautiful and delicate; what a gift.
Have a good week!

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