Friday, July 31, 2009

Is This Weird to You?

My mother thinks I am completely nuts. We went together to a small town across the state line yesterday; popping in to see a friend of hers who has a booth at the Amish Market there. Delicious sandwiches...yum! Anyway, there was an antique mall nearby and of course - come hell or high water - I was going to get in there! So we did. I picked up this baby picture from a bin and said, "Oh, look at this one! Don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?"

My mother replied, "No."

Then, she looked at me like maybe we should stop by the local hospital. Seriously. I only recently got her off my back by swearing to label the old pictures from flea markets so my 'children would know they weren't family.' Ugh. Maybe I do have some sort of problem! I just can't pass them up. Especially because they oooze stories. Well, that's my view.

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Not weird at all! Or if it is weird, who cares? We like what we like! I am so lucky my mom totally loves all the fun vintage things I do, including photos of kids we don't know whose cheeks we want to pinch! :) However, sometimes I do wonder if my kids will someday be trying to figure out who those photos are of ,thinking they are relatives!