Monday, September 6, 2010

Scrounging For Treasures...and...Another School Year

If you have children, or work in the school system, then you know that Back To School and the start of a new school year are a bigger deal then the ball dropping in Times Square. Everyone is hopefuly for a great year full of possibility...
In the meantime, I've hit a bit of the flea treasure lately. You know how that goes...
sometimes it seems like feast or famine.

I ordered a beautiful vintage necklace online, complete with origional box.
So sweet!
(Ooops. Upside-down. Sorry.)

More flea market treasure...with loads of possibility.

When I happened upon this vintage jewelry box, I knew it was for me!

With pink insides! Be still my heart!

This vintage choker necklace was right up my alley!
Well, I'm off to finish enjoying the long weekend.
Hope you're finding some treasures this weekend, too!

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love the aqua jewelry box and the gorgeous vintage rhinestone necklace with the original box!