Saturday, November 22, 2008

Empowered By So Many

Today, feeling empowered by so many great women. When I first signed up to work the Daughters of the American Revolution Antique Show and Sale, I admit I was feeling a bit over-zealous. It was weeks away, and right up my alley, right? But in the harsh reality of a long week at work, and the bustle of the upcoming holidays, I was a little daunted this morning. But what a great surprise! With my daughter in tow, we dutifully arrived to pitch in in whatever way we could. Now, I'll admit I did NOT don the pantyhose and stockings that I knew these other women would. And I was not wearing a brooch. And I was not 10,000 years old. But what a hoot! Admittedly, I broke the one semi-promise I made to my husband about not coming home with more 'stuff'. But what could be better than spending and afternoon in a gorgeous old home surrounded by antiques, tea cups, and feisty, and dare- I -say fascinating women. And to boot, I found another vintage charm bracelet, a great old locket, and lots of other treasures. Refreshing for the soul.

It reminds me of an idea of Sarah Ban Breathnach's (did I mention this already?) She suggests, "...creating an imaginery council with a group of 'Invisible Counselors,' composed of the people you admire most. At night before you go to sleep, close your eyes and conduct success strategy sessions in which you seek the advice of your heroines.'

How awe-some that these people are often right before our eyes.

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Andrea said...

I agree. I belong to my county garden club, which has been around since 1930. I am the youngest member. All the ladies are "antiques" compared to me, but they made me the president! I absolutely have a ball every month when we have our meeting in the historical museum. Afterwards we go to lunch at a tearoom. These ladies are all so interesting. Most of them have traveled the world. Many are retired teachers. They teach me so much from their experiences. One of the oldest gals was getting ready to fly off to NYC to see a musical after the luncheon this month. I can't explain what knowing these ladies has meant to me.