Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sweet Curiosities

Plenty of fun things to see on Saturday, as expected! Great old antique shops, as well as newer stores that carried some fun things by local artists.

This the window of the local dry cleaner/alteration shop. Too cute!!

We came home with the car loaded down, inside and even on the roof with some great furniture. That's the great part about shopping further out from town; the prices are even better and you feel like you got a real steal! (more on that later...)

I found these two great cute are they??

I wish I could remember the woman's name who made them! One of those things that you think, "Oh, I'll remember that", and of course you don't.

But the best find was something I found for my girlfriend (Juli, if you're reading this...stop here!) It looks like this...

Upon closer inspection, it says...

When you open it, it's paper folded accordion style. Perfect for a secret message. It got me to thinking...wouldn't it be great to write down a secret thought....a wish, a dream, a goal, a secret...that you felt you couldn't/shouldn't tell anyone. And then leave it somewhere for 'the curious'? Maybe somewhere along your faraway travels, or even close to home. What would you write?


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I just love those magnets, too cute! Your blog is lots of fun and I will definately be back :)


bellacolle said...

oh my gosh! those magnets are the best! please share the artist's name if you remember. You are such a thoughtful friend to get your girlfriend such an unique gift!

Amy Wagner said...

Love this post!!!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Oh how I enjoyed this post! Love the magnets, pics of the thrift store - well everything!