Sunday, February 3, 2008

And Speaking of Cool Necklaces...

I HAD to do it!
I HAD to treat myself to a Sally Jean bauble!
What?! You've never been shopping with Sally Jean? Or, even better, simply been inspired by her gorgeous jewelry that speaks right to your heart? You have to go! You can go visit her site right here. That heart is one side of my bauble, my first initial on the other side is here. You can even mix and match. The possibilities are endless! Your initial, your hubby's, your children's... I must warn you, they seem too delicate for a charm bracelet, but I guess if you are an extremely gentle person...
Sally Jean also has a gorgeous and inspiring blog. You can read it here. Her book is wonderful as well, and full of step-by-steps. Wouldn't you just love to go to her workshop? It would be the life.
This weekend I got to visit the far, far away shoppe that carries some of my notebooks and paperweights. It was a special 'First Saturday' evening where you can do a gallery walk; the shoppes stay open extra's very festive. My things looked really great, and I was in awe of the other true artists that were featured there. I had intended to take pictures, but I was too busy scooping up goodies for myself! The owner, Whitney, said they were anticipating 400 browsers/customers over the course of the night. How exciting for anyone, but especially so for a young, female, shoppe owner.
I'm off to join the gang watching the Super Bowl - - have a great night!


Alison Gibbs said...

Such lovely jewellery.
Hope you are not a Patriots fan cos if you are then you are sad right now.

sarahkeith said...

Don't you just love her charms! I have been very tempted but never have! She has a blog that is equally as wonderful!

dede warren said...

I LOVE Sally Jean's stuff. I FINALLY took the plung and signed up for a class with her, at Art & Soul in May. Oh, to be able to make such lovely things. I am so glad you finally picked some of these up! They are wonderful!