Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Fever

It's a warmer than usual day here in my corner of the world. Just enough to get the dog up, and the kids outside without coats on. (I know, they'll probably pay for it later with a wicked cold, but hey...) There is something about warmer weather that really perks me up inside. I am not ashamed to admit it, winter is really tough on me! Lately I have just been feeling 'blah' and as gray as the sky. No creativity. Zip.
Anyway, since I found myself with extra time on my hands (hubby had written down the wrong day for my daughter's appointment with the oral surgeon- yuck!) we decided to leave the boys at home and head out to an antique mall. We found some fun goodies, as expected!
I couldn't resist this picture (below). The photo doesn't do it justice in my opinion. I couldn't get the light right! It was one of those things that made me feel happy to look at it, and the shabby chic-ish frame is to die for. Now it hangs by my vanity in my bedroom.

A few weeks ago I found these adorable little wooden shoes that say 'France'. How cute would they be for paperclips, or something fun like that?

A thoughtful girlfriend gave me this cute tag that now hangs off my birdhouse in my office. Her flag says, "Refreshments will be served at ten o'clock." Amen to that!

Have a great rest of your holiday!


dede warren said...

oh my those shows are so sweet. I love the idea of using them to house office supplies as well. I keep all my bits and pieces in old silver cream and sugar bowls.

Alison Gibbs said...

How great for the kids to get out and play in the warmth of the day.
What pretties you have bought.
Love the little shoes.
What a sweet looking tag on your bird cage.