Tuesday, February 12, 2008


While I was laid up with my gallbladder, I got really into the idea of Artist Trading Cards. Not so much for the trading, but I liked the idea of the tiny palette, and also how the same cool ideas could also be inspiring for some of my vintage paperweights. So I ordered some books, like Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin. (seen below) I also ordered this, which is perfect to keep in your purse for a down moment!

Full of inspiring ideas for these tiny pieces of art, they provide not only inspiration, but also how-to-tips! I found a great website for anyone even thinking of dabbling in ATC's. Youratcstore.com has not only everything you'd need, but inspiration as well. Order arrive quickly so you can get s tarted on your project. So far, I've made my box and all I need to do is complete the inside and decide on a theme. I've even gotten a girl friend involved. I'm thinking of working on "The Uncommon Woman". There was even a cute idea in the latest issue of Sommerset Wedding - do the cards with small photos! How adorable!

Hmmm...time to get crafting!