Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Sunday

You know how I love those vintage girls! Dress patterns and old magazines are my favorite place to get their sleek sophistication. I made this card today. This lovely lady has also inspired me with an ATC idea I just may try out, using an old French for Travelers book I found this weekend. The kids and I went to a huge, annual used book sale on Friday night. We had a blast. I found lots of old vintage books that were just itching for a project I had in mind...journals!

I tackled two this weekend - Nancy being my favorite. It was hard to pull her apart, I'll admit. But once I got started, I realized the countless projects I could do with her now loose pages. I also tackled this old spelling book, he was bigger and abit more fragile than the Nancy Drew.

by Anne Porter
Nobody in the hospital
Could tell the age
Of the old woman who
Was called Susanna
I knew she spoke some English
And that she was an immigrant
Out of a little country
Trampled by armies
Because she had no visitors
I would stop by to see her
But she was always sleeping
All I could do
Was to get out her comb
And carefully untangle
The tangles in her hair
One day I was beside her
When she woke up
Opening small dark eyes
Of a surprising clearness
She looked at me and said
You want to know the truth?
I answered Yes
She said it's something that
My mother told me
There's not a single inch
Of our whole body
That the Lord does not love
She then went back to sleep.


Laura said...

Love, love, love your card and journals!!!!!! They speak to me!!!!

I am going to try that too!!!! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and beautiful works of art!!!

Celulite said...
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Sarah said...

Fun card! I love ripping up those old books to do things with!