Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day Two

I'm back again for day 2 of attempting to blog! I am still amazed that I am tackling such a technological feat, but then again - Anything Can Happen. When I found this old book with that title, I knew I had to have it as a reminder that anything is possible!
As I mentioned last night, so many women have been inspirational to me through their varied messages and ideas that they have on their blogs. To me, the queen of all inspirational blogs would have to be Andrea Singarella! There hasn't been a single day that I have looked at her website and not been awed and inspired at her boundless creativity. I am sooo excited that she is starting her own online shop...a chance for all of us to get a piece of her gorgeous One Hundred Wishes! I know she will not disappoint. I have thought about emailing her about the fact that she has inspired me to begin blogging, but then that would be like showing Picasso your paint-by-number!
Another inspirational woman is my friend at Notes From A Cottage Industry. She is the queen of the idea that although things may go awry, life is still beautiful and full of joyful surprises waiting to be found.

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andrea s. said...

Hi Sarah~
Gosh, Thank you for the sweet comments. I'm glad I have inspired you to create a blog! I'm sure it will be beautiful since it's coming from your heart! I'm not a tech person either...not at all. You will be amazed at what you will learn though! Good luck!
xo andrea