Thursday, July 26, 2007

Exciting times!

Hello, girls! I found this gorgeous wedding album at an antique mall earlier this summer. Can you believe it!? What a gem! I practically ran out of the store thinking they were surely going to change their minds about selling it. It's beautiful. The cover says, "Our Children's Wedding". How sad! I am constantly buying up old photographs for use in all sorts of ways; my mother is forever telling me to write on the back that they are not family members. She says that it will save my children endless ours of confusion one day, trying to figure out who these people are when I kick the bucket! I am so glad the Andrea has inspired me to start buying up old hats when I see them; this one goes so well with the photo I think. Exciting times for this couple!

Speaking of
Andrea and exciting times, did you see that the Queen of Blogs actually visited my humble ol' thing?! I am sooo excited! She is an amazing and inspirational artist. What an honor!

Tomorrow morning we are heading out of town for New York City! I am already prepared, cash in hand, to head to one of the weekend flea markets. I am also excited to take a look-see for myself at THE
Tinsel Trading Company, which has been featured in so many magazines. I'll be sure to let you know on Monday about all my treasures!

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