Sunday, July 29, 2007

New York City - Fleas, Crafts and More!

I can't wait to tell you about the wonderfully crafty things we saw in New York! We just got back, and I am still in the semi-caffeine supported unpacking mode, even though I know I really need to be going to bed! I got to visit the places that I knew were going to have some great finds. I am really thankful that my family puts up with all that! I tried to hurry, but it was like torture at times! Suffice it to say that I wound up dragging a huge Shabby Chic bag with me first thing in the morning (big mistake) through subways and taxi cabs, (and did I mention a deluge of rain?) before we even got to the flea market! Luckily, I was frantically able to keep my goodies, and my camera from getting completely soaked!

Anyway, I have tons more pictures that I am going to put up tomorrow, but I just had to get started with something tonight! How about for good measure - a shot of the flea market!

Can you believe my family wanted to leave after about 30 minutes? Okay, it was about 10,000 degrees in there - but there were two floors and tons of great things! The frustration of it all! Anyway, more tomorrow. I got some great treaures!

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