Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It's ... a head!

Ok, before I tell you about my treasure hunting expedition today, I have to answer Updycrafts (love her blog!) and Tipjunkie (hadn't stopped by before - cool idea!) about the tin and the tiara! The tin I got at my local scrapbook shop, and it's made by DCWV. They also come in round...so fun! The plastic for the tiara (also from the scrapbook store) had already gone out in the trash! Darn my tidy-ness! It's very Heidi-Swappish, don't you think?

Yesterday I worked on a scrapbook page that had another 'interview' with my kids! I loooove to do these. It's like capturing their little voices. They always make me laugh. If you have never done this - try it! I asked questions like, What's under your bed? And, What is something nice you've done for someone in our family recently? Creating Keepsakes has a great little magazine/book on this that is a must have if you're going to try it!

So today, with the arched and questioning eye-brow of hubby out of town, I scooped the kids into the car with a bribe of lunch at McDonald's and drove an hour out to one of my favorite antique malls. I HAD to, you see, because I had accidentally left THESE the last time, and they were holding them there for me at the counter. Perfect for holding scrapping do-dads, dont'cha think?

So, I 'head out there'...get it?..and that's where I find...the heads! Yes, there's more then one.

What the heck?? There are sooo many of you who would know exactly what to do with two heads like these...I am just not that good. If you have any ideas - tell me! I'd love to hear them. Now, I was really wishing I had brought my camera today, because I found an old, old, very vintage photo of a child, and tucked under the glass - a death poem. It was very poignant, and clearly as old (or there about) as the photo. I was very curious. But not enough to bring that thing into my home. That's just bad juju, sister. So - I left it. I'll take a photo for you next time. Here are some other goodies I came home with-

My daughter is very into horses right now, so when I saw this darling pastel ribbon from a horse show, it was a must-have. The bottom of it is soaking upstairs right now, trying to get the stains out - I'll tell you how it turns out!!

Hope you have some treasure hunting days of your own this week!

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Lina said...

Hi! I am STILL stressing about it, lol...But i think i might just post a cute sign (i am making one right now) and photos of my studio and artwork...you have any ideas yet?