Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, today the air conditioner officially conked out...just in time for a really hot and humid day...of course. I'd tell you the temperature, but I always find that makes things worse, don't you? The good side of the situation (which there always is one) is that with all the windows and screened door open, and the fans on, it really felt like summer. The down-side of air conditioning is that you can't hear the crickets, the sound of the lawn sprinkler, the dog lapping up the water bowl.

Here is the book I made today -

Another fun project I'm working on involves those photo boxes of unscrapped photos. Remember the days of getting your roll of film developed? In looking through those, I realized that what I may once have deemed 'unscrapworthy' is actually a precious photo of a day that I lovingly remember. The funny face that 'ruined' the picture makes my heart warm. So I decided to do a really simple album of those - 8x8 so the pressure was off - no need for a big theme related page - and you can buy just the 8x8 squares and cut down on the scraps! It's also completely unchronological - whew! You wouldn't believe how much that just lets you focus on the photo that you love! I'll have to share some later this weekend.

I'm going to catch up with a girlfriend over crabs. Yum!

Have a great night.

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