Sunday, August 19, 2007

Summer's Swan Song

Well, dear reader, as I have mentioned before, tomorrow morning marks the end of my lazy summer days, and my return to the rat race of full-time employment. No more doing whatever I want to do ((sigh)). On the other hand, a pay check ((yeah!)) But fear not! I will still be blogging - just not every day.

Today's flea market was rained out, but I did get to spend a little time at my favorite paper crafts store. I got to work on a cute little something...

Can you tell - I colorized the little guy just a bit - using only colored pencil. What a cutie! I tried him with a little crown, but it seemed too much somehow... for my taste, anyway. Plus, I only have so many of those little crowns before I have to head back up to Tinsel Trading! The tip I heard on DIY a few days ago worked great - putting the copies of the photos on watercolor paper. Great idea!

Wishing you a pleasant Sunday summer evening - - -


FrenchGardenHouse said...

HI, thanks so much for visiting my blog, I added your name to my giveaway!

Your blog is so fun to read, I have really enjoyed it! Good luck with your job...a check, now THAT IS a good thing! (more money for paper etc??):)
wishing you a lovely first week back at work!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Hi Sarah...oh my you create such beautiful things! I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking at your creations.


Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Just found your blog through Rhea's blog. Love it. Good luck with the working world. It certainly has its ups ($$) and downs(time)(sigh). But we squeeze as much joy into our day as we can. I just wish I had some instant energy! Wish someone would sell that!

have a wonderful day!

dede warren said...

Boo Hoo... work! I am sorry you are in need of a job. But if it's counseling you do for that paycheck, I think it is facinating!!! From both sides of the couch. Hope it is rewarding on many levels.