Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday -- On Which Sarah Goes Junkin'

Well, knowing that Monday morning will throw me back into the world of full-time employment, I decided that Today needed to be devoted to a little junkin'. Having been in a junkin' funk lately, I decided to head off to this little town where I knew I could find some treasure.

Sure enough, I was right! Before to long I had found these cute spoons and napkins - perfect for my daughters lunches at school. (Sorry, 'Sonny' doesn't get items that can't be accidently heaved into the school trash bin!)

But my best finds of the day were these three gorgeous paperweights. As if they weren't treasure enough, I even managed to talk the gentleman down in price. They are price-less!

It's actually hard to photograph a paperweight! Hope you found some beauty along your journey today.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh, you just brought back a memory for me. My Grandma (who has passed on)used to have one like them. Where is it, who has got it?? I must find out. Thanks for the memory.

AnnieElf said...

Good morning. The town picture looks so familiar. Is this Placerville?

Joy for the Journey said...

Hi, Annieelf!! Nooooo..but that sounds like fun, too!!
Sarah :)