Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wednesday...and an Inspiring Woman

I have thought for sometime now that Anne Morrow Lindbergh is an inspiring woman. Her struggles - that we all face - balancing motherhood and her inner passions (hers was writing) as well as surviving tragic heartbreak and a challenging marriage, make her an inspiration to me. When I found a unique old picture frame, I knew that this one had it's purpose in being a type of reminder to me of her symbolism in being a strong and vital woman. I made a 'shrine' of sorts on a bookshelf, so that I could be reminded daily. Here are some items...moved for better light!

I also decorated a tiny box I found at the local craft store...I filled it with some shells from the beach, a tribute to her book Gift from the Sea.

Maybe you'll think about who you find inspiring and consider making a small reminder of their influence in your own journey. Many women find personal shrines a joyful way to hold on to what is sacred and joyful to them.

Of course, joy and inspiration doesn't have to come solely from people you've never actually met. SO much of my inspiration comes from aurrounding myself with reminders about my own family... usually in the form of photos. I recently found a 'new' photo of my that I wasn't familair with, and decided that I would have to use it soon on a journal or mini-album. I sat it next to my craft area. It looks beautiful to me just like that.

Well, anyway... instead of cleaning up (which everyday I swear I will do) and working on the scrapbook ...I decided to load 'the boy' in the car and go junkin'....BRIEFLY! I found some cute things...fabric adorable pair of baby shoes at Target (so no, not vintage, but still cute!)...and this worn but beautiful basket. I think it can saved...what do you think??

That's all for now...see you tomorrow!


Jus said...

Thanks for the lovely comment :) I love women who inspire, as most women do :)


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Very pretty site! Nice to meet you Sarah! Found you through Jen's place. I also scrapbook and do paper crafts...really enjoyed your pics! cherry